6 Easy Steps to Build Your Pinterest Account in A Day

Pinterest is sometimes neglected in favor of other social networks but with millions of users and thousands more signing up each day, it can be a powerful tool for growing your marketing efforts.   Pinterest can be a wonderful tool for businesses, but it is also used by all sorts of people to share inspiring images with each other and can be a lot of fun in addition to being useful.

What is Pinterest?  It’s simply one of the fastest-growing social network, behind only social media giants Facebook and Twitter. It is an online photo sharing service which has a pin-board style layout, allowing users to “pin” images to boards with various themes. In the present online marketing climate, it is extremely important to leverage all sorts of social media in your favor. Pinterest is a visual outlet for users to collect and share images.


1. Setting up an Account

Setting up your profile on Pinterest can be done in a few simple steps. After clicking the sign-up tab, Pinterest gives users two choices: You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter, or sign up with your email account. Signing up with Facebook or Twitter can be very convenient since Pinterest can import all your personal details. Some users however may not want all of their personal information to be imported from various networks to be shared here, so they can sign up with an email account and create a separate profile for Pinterest. Pinterest will initially ask you to follow a few accounts while signing up so it can suggest other users to follow later according to your preferences. You can choose categories you are interested in following such as beauty, fashion etc and Pinterest will suggest related boards you can follow. The final step is  verifying your account by following the steps in a confirmation email received through Pinterest.

2. Tweaking Your Profile

Now that you have successfully created a profile the next step is to modify your account settings. You can change these by clicking on your name on the top-right corner of your screen and choosing the settings option, from the drop down menu. The settings tab allows you to update your display picture, change your password, edit bio information etc. You can also choose to connect your Pinterest profile with your Facebook and/or Twitter as well as link to your website if you have one. Creating an interesting profile is very important for businesses, this is what tells users what they need to know about the user.

3. How to Create Boards

Now the basics. Creating boards is the most characteristic and fun part of Pinterest. Users can create multiple boards based on various themes and pin related pictures within these boards. Users can create boards on all sorts of things; their interests and hobbies, things that inspire them etc. Businesses can create boards centered around themes that would interest their customers, in addition to their own products and services. Creating boards is easy, the first step is to click on the add button on the top-right corner of your page and choose the create board option.  A name and short description for the board have to be added before you can begin to pin your favorite images. Users also have the option to invite other people to share a board, which allows for a greater audience. The image below shows a screenshot of various themed boards on Pinterest.

Photo courtesy:  Pretty Please

4. How to Pin Images

Pinning images can be done by clicking on the same add button on the top-right corner as for creating a board but choosing the option to add a pin. Users can add pins from websites as well as upload their own images from their computer.

5. Describe Your Images and Use Hashtags

After pinning an image don’t forget to add an interesting description and some relevant hashtags. Keywords in descriptions and hashtags allow other users interested in similar content to find your pictures and boards and follow you.

6. Who to Follow

Choosing users to follow is easy, once you have followed a few users that you are interested in Pinterest suggests other users you might be interested in. You can also search for different categories of interest using the search tool and follow boards that pique your . Once you have followed a board images from that board show up on your home feed. The image below shows a home feed on Pinterest showing images from users that the person follows.

Photo courtesy: Tomorrows Travel

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